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Ignite your artistic journey - Start creating art

Free 4-week online course - starts March 4, 2024

Dive into a journey to awaken your inner painter. This course will help you overcome obstacles and discover the pleasure of painting.  

You'll tackle mental barriers and get advice on painting supplies, creative space setup, and technical skills. You will also learn effective time management to establish a painting routine in the comfort of your home.  

With motivation and instruction, this course will provide a supportive environment and community to ignite your artistic journey and to start creating art.

This course is a springboard for beginners who want to paint but need help getting started, those who have taken a hiatus from painting, and anyone looking to add a spark of creativity to their lives.

You, too, can step into the world of art and explore your painting potential.

Who is your teacher?

Hello. My name is Zaan Claassens, and I was born in South Africa. As an adventurer, I have lived in many places across the planet. My partner and I are now settled on the West Coast of Canada in Halfmoon Bay. Here, I paint in my lovely garden studio and ship my work worldwide.  

Nature is my muse. My focus is on water. I love to paddle, swim, look into the water, and translate what I see onto canvas. Art creation can be profoundly therapeutic, and like practising meditation, I have found solace, self-discovery, and growth through painting.  

My passion is to bring joy and beauty to the world. I offer my lifelong creative experience to art buyers, aspiring artists, and enthusiasts alike, aiming to inspire and enrich.


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